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Create the best flip-flops in the world.

Gelattto flip-flops, inspired by Italian ice-cream gelato, are made of exclusively designed gel that brings your wearing experience to a whole new level. With great variation of color, Gelattto flip-flops are for you to wear whenever, wherever, and however you’d like to. Gelattto is more than a flip-flop, it’s a style. Choose your color!



Spring, flowers, and Gelattto!

The season of flowers has come! It's time to get some colors and brighten everything up. Enjoy spri… …More

Merry Christmas!

To all of our dearest friends, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016 ! sincerely yours, Gelattt… …More

Thank you all for coming!

It's been a pleasure seeing all of you who came to Orlando Surf Expo from Sep. 10-12! Hope all of yo… …More

Orlando Surf Expo in September!

Gelattto is going to be at Orlando Surf Expo from September 10th to 12th ! Make sure to drop by and… …More






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